Is being real, real?

I read an article that criticized the “Meet the Mormons” movie for being too wholesome and not showing the “real us”.

I wonder what it would take to satisfy some people who seem to think that “being real” is showing everything that could possibly go wrong. When I look for cookie recipes online, I don’t expect to see photos of a kitchen in disarray, with stacks of unwashed mixing bowls and measuring spoons. I expect to see the recipe posted, with a photo of a neat stack of delicious cookies on a plate. It isn’t dishonest to leave the dirty kitchen out. It’s a given that life is messy. The recipe is the important thing, and I want to see an example of it done right. There are plenty of examples of people living the gospel and making the world a better place. Their lives aren’t perfect, but they are trying. They focus on the recipe and the result they want to achieve, not the dirty kitchen. People focusing on the dirty kitchen are missing the point.

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