Refusing the waters of Shiloah

Isaiah’s words make me think about the times when I refuse to do what will bring me greater long-term happiness, and instead do something that is fun for the moment, but results in a much more stressful life over time.

In my case, one thing I could improve is getting enough sleep. If I went to bed earlier, on a regular basis, I would have time to exercise in the morning. If I went to bed earlier, I wouldn’t feel as tired during the rest of the next day. I would be up earlier, and it would be easier to get to work earlier. So many benefits, but do I choose them? Rarely. That stress is totally avoidable, but I choose to stay up late and reap the consequences.

Isaiah 8:6
6 Forasmuch as this people refuseth the waters of Shiloah that go softly, and rejoice in Rezin and Remaliah’s son;

7 Now therefore, behold, the Lord bringeth up upon them the waters of the river, strong and many, even the king of Assyria, and all his glory: and he shall come up over all his channels, and go over all his banks:

8 And he shall pass through Judah; he shall overflow and go over, he shall reach even to the neck; and the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of thy land, O Immanuel.

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