The epidemic of shallow sharing on Facebook

For weeks, one of my Facebook friends shared only images that had quotes with minions in the background. He would share them in batches of 10 or 15 at a time. I tried blocking the sources of the things he was sharing, but each day more would appear. I eventually just “unfollowed” him since he wasn’t saying anything about himself anyway. Other Facebook friends seem to take every poll they can possibly find, like “What is your IQ?”, “What is your mental age?”, “Which Disney princess are you?”, “What is your Star Wars name?”, and on, and on, and on. Some do the same with loads of grumpy cat quotes. Others share streams of political “click-bait” posts.

The common thing in all this sharing is the lack of input or explanation by the friend. It’s just the item itself. I consider it shallow sharing when friends share like robots and give none of their own input. If they are going to share something, I want to know why they think it is worth sharing.

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