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  • Diet lessons learned again…and again

    Diet lessons seem to require repetition before I really learn them. It seems I’m not alone. I can’t count the times I’ve heard someone tell me how easy their diet is, and how they no longer crave their forbidden foods, only to see them fall off the wagon a bit further down the road. What […]

  • Working out is not essential to weight loss

    In the past year I have heard variations on this sentence probably 100 times: “I would love to lose weight, but I can’t make it to the gym.” In my experience, going to the gym has very little to do with weight loss. It isn’t that regular exercise doesn’t help. It’s that eating less on […]

  • Rust and diligent maintenance

    Quite a few years ago I bought a hammer for an outdoor project. When I was done I cleaned up my tools, but overlooked the hammer. It lay in the grass overnight. When I discovered it in the morning, rust had already marred the shiny surface with patterns from the damp grass. The hammer was […]

  • Calorie counting: shameful words but wonderful results

    In December I visited the doctor for an ear infection. He didn’t have much to say about my ears, but my increasing weight was another matter. He was concerned that it could start impacting my health. It’s not like I hadn’t been worried about it. I had. But my efforts to “eat less and move […]