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  • We all have it coming

    I saw Clint Eastwood’s ‘Unforgiven’ many years ago. It isn’t a movie I would recommend, so it’s interesting how one part still stands out in my memory. Clint Eastwood’s character, Will Munny, has been looking for some men who brutalized a woman—to get a bounty I think. He’s been riding with a young man who […]

  • Facebook makes us angry with each other

    Ok, I’m not sure that Facebook is the root cause of the problem, but it seems that before Facebook became popular it was easier to maintain friendships with people who held differing views. These days the world seems more polarized when it comes to opinions. As people broadcast their thoughts and prejudices on Facebook, relationships […]

  • The armor of the adversary

    We had a really nice Stake Conference meeting tonight. Elder Parker talked about his daughter and how, when she was younger, she started to question her beliefs. He and his wife had done all they could to help her. They decided they had to give her over to God. Only He had the power to […]

  • Making yourself available to the Lord

    A recently returned missionary gave a talk in church today. He related a story about one of the missionaries he worked with. This other missionary started out with a knowledge deficit, and less of a testimony than he would have wanted, but he had faith and a willingness to learn. In one of their conversations […]

  • An ocean of artists

    As far as art and design, I think I’m a pretty good oyster. I can turn out some nice pearls once I have a a few grains of sand to work with. But, about the time I start thinking I’m a decent artist, I take a look at Pinterest and realize I’m a tiny speck […]

  • Straining at gnats and swallowing camels

    There are many critics willing to closely examine, and cross-examine, the beliefs of those who have faith in Christ. Verse by verse and line by line they seek for contradictions and flaws. With great contempt and strong conviction they declare the folly of your beliefs. But, if you can get them to put forth some […]

  • The Man and the Goose – a fable – when are we justified to do wrong?

    I first read this fable by Ambrose Bierce years ago in Mark Twain’s Library of Humor. Even as a child it impressed me, though my thoughts have changed about its meaning. A man was plucking a living goose, when his victim addressed him thus: “Suppose you were a goose; do you think you would relish […]

  • Human nature and the purchase of a television set

    Back in college (pre Internet days) I was rooming with 5 other guys and we were discussing the purchase of a TV. We did the math and found that, rather than rent a TV over the course of the school year, it would be cheaper to pool our money and buy one. It seemed so […]

  • Modern art and those who admire it, or don’t

    I thought this was an interesting quote from a video I recently watched: “They didn’t come to look at the Mona Lisa. They came in order to have seen it. There is a crucial distinction…”

  • Refusing the waters of Shiloah

    Isaiah’s words make me think about the times when I refuse to do what will bring me greater long-term happiness, and instead do something that is fun for the moment, but results in a much more stressful life over time. In my case, one thing I could improve is getting enough sleep. If I went […]