Month: August 2014

  • Modern art and those who admire it, or don’t

    I thought this was an interesting quote from a video I recently watched: “They didn’t come to look at the Mona Lisa. They came in order to have seen it. There is a crucial distinction…”

  • Refusing the waters of Shiloah

    Isaiah’s words make me think about the times when I refuse to do what will bring me greater long-term happiness, and instead do something that is fun for the moment, but results in a much more stressful life over time. In my case, one thing I could improve is getting enough sleep. If I went […]

  • The parable of the prodigal son is about two wayward sons

    Most of my favorite parables are in Luke. I like how the parable seems to focus on the son who was lost, but eventually the emphasis rests on the son who stayed home. The son who went astray had a temporary problem. He was humbled, then recognized the need for his father, and returned a […]